Reveal the Natural Beauty of Your Skin

How To Use

Just minutes for a flawless look each day

  1. 1. STEP

    Attach the Tip to the Wand and gently place it so both rollers touch your skin lightly.

  2. 2. STEP

    Keep the rollers gently touching your skin and move slowly up and down in long, slow, deliberate strokes.

  3. 3. STEP

    Finish one section before moving onto the next. Multiple passes will add additional coverage for a flawless look

When to Apply

Before Opté
Use Opté
After Opté
Powder & Color Costmetics

Opté Works

Try it On Your Hands,
Neck and DéColletage.

Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks
for best results

  • Slow

    The slower you move, the better the results.

  • Sweep

    Use long, continuous sweeping strokes up and down the face. Don’t remove the Wand from your skin between strokes.

  • Soft

    Use gentle pressure. If you see your skin move or have any indentations from the rollers, you are pushing too hard.

  • Straight

    Hold the Beauty Wand flat with both rollers touching the skin. Tilting the rollers reduces effectiveness.

  • Sequence

    Complete multiple passes to build up more coverage. Allow the Serum to dry for a few seconds between passes.


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