Reveal the Natural Beauty of Your Skin

hyperpigmentation instantly

Opté digitally scans your skin, analyzes your complexion, and camouflages age spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation on contact while fading their appearance over time.

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The wand uses a safe, blue, LED light to find even the most subtle age spots.


A patented precision skincare algorithm analyzes the spots in real time.


An optimizing serum is applied precisely to each spot, camouflaging it instantly and fading its appearance over time.

Real Results

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Bare Skin
After first use
Bare Skin
After first use
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Precision skincare technology

Opté finally gives you naturally flawless looking skin without the tradeoffs of today’s beauty standards

Lightening Creams

Spot lightening creams lighten not only your spot but also the surrounding skin. Opté targets and treats only the spots.


Laser treatments by a doctor may involve cost, pain, and downtime. Opté is not a laser and is completely pain-free and gentle on your skin.


Foundation covers 100% of your skin with a heavy, unnatural looking exterior. Opté applies 99% less product to your skin, camouflaging only the spots while leaving your radiant, natural skin to shine through.

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Opté can precisely detect and cover imperfections, leaving your skin looking younger immediately. Opté could be a dream come true.

Juian-Juian Fu, MD, PhD

Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology for over 30 years

Opté Buzz

It looks 100 percent natural – it’s truly no-makeup makeup.

The results are stunning, particularly for a non-surgical, laser-free skincare treatment.

The future of skincare and makeup could be brushless.

Opté is like a real-life beauty filter for your skin.

The solutionto perfect skinis finally here.

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